Frequently Asked Questions - Mask

How do i get my Protectiv mask?

To become the owner of our Protectiv protections, simply add products to your cart. Once your cart is finished you will have to create a customer account by indicating your email address and fill in the requested information or enter your login and password. You will then be able to enter your shipping and billing address and finally, choose your payment method.
Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email.


Which Protectiv mask to choose?

The filtration is the same for each mask, only the manufacturing methods differs. The Profile and R models have a lower weight (15 grams) and the Rainbow model is more interesting in terms of sales price (24 euros).

What size of mask should i buy?

Refer to the sizing guide by clicking here

Is it possible to wear the Protectiv mask if you have respiratory problems (type: asthma, etc.)?

We filter all particles larger than 3 microns and in order to protect you as well as possible, we advise you to refer to your doctor for any medical specificity.

Do you have a protective mask suitable for children?

We actually have 2 protective masks with children's sizes: Protectiv R and Protectiv Profile in size XS and S.

Can the Protectiv mask be used with a beard?

Our masks are thermoformable and adapt to the morphology of all faces.

Does the mask cause fog on the glasses?

No, there is no fogging from the mask. By its shape, it adapts to the wearing of glasses.

Is it easy to breathe with a Protectiv mask?

The primary function of a mask is to protect, like every mask, it changes the way you breathe. We are constantly working on the design of new filters offering the best compromise between protection and breathability.

Are we audible or do we need to speak louder?

You don't have to speak any louder, even if the sound is slightly altered when you exit the mask.

Is the Protectiv mask comfortable to wear for a long time?

The head support and malleability of the mask give you a good fit and long-lasting comfort for the day.

Are Protectiv masks customizable?

2 types of customization are provided: either dark gray in monochrome logo (from 25 masks ordered and on estimate via our contact form), or in mono or bi-color logo for pad printing (at least 100 masks ordered and on estimate via our contact form).

Can we put other filters in Protectiv masks?

We must recommend our filters certified by the French General Directorate of Armament. As you can read on our site, you can occasionally and exceptionally replace the filter with a cotton make-up remover.

How is the color rendering?

Our colors on the site are faithful to reality. However, depending on your display screen a differential may occur.

How long can i use the Protectiv mask?

The mask is infinitely reusable, only the filter refill delivered with the mask has to be ordered every 100 days.

Is there condensation inside the Protectiv mask?

In general public use, our mask does not produce condensation. Warning! Our Protectiv masks are in no way masks for sports or intensive activity.

How do I wash the Protectiv mask if I don't have a dishwasher?

"To wash your mask :
1 - Remove the headband or the plastic straps which you can pass through with soapy water or clean with a bio-disinfectant wipe.
2 - To wash your mask, you can pass it in hot water at 60°C, for 30 minutes minimum by removing the elastic straps.
Tip: You can also boil it in a pan or boil water in a kettle and pour it over the mask on both sides (always removing the elastic straps or the headband).
For a deep cleaning, do not hesitate to completely disassemble all the parts of the mask part.
3. The filters can be cleaned 10 times at a temperature of 60°c for 30 minutes. We recommend to place them in an oven dish for at least 30 minutes, maintaining a temperature of 60°C. Caution! The filters have been tested for 10 cleanings. Beyond this time, the filtration of the mask is no longer guaranteed.
4. After touching your mask and filters, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution. "

Does the Protectiv mask cause pimples?

The French magazine Femme Actuelle answers your question:

"It is known that occlusion of the skin with cosmetics can cause retentional acne. In the same way the occlusion related to the mask clogs the pores, favoring the appearance of blackheads or small pimples. The dermatologist's advice: avoid applying a rich cream or foundation just before wearing a mask. Prefer a light texture or wait until the end of the day to moisturize your skin".


Does wearing the Proteciv mask cause headaches?

The magazine Femme Actuelle answers your questions:

"Wearing the mask can trigger more attacks in migraine sufferers. If their number increases over a month, have your treatment adapted."

Does the Protectiv mask make the skin dry?

Femme Actuelle magazine answers your question:

"Irritations, redness, tight skin, these inconveniences are related to the friction of the mask and a skin that breathes badly. Patients with eczema suffer more frequent flare-ups. The dermatologist's advice: Rinse the face thoroughly in the morning after washing to avoid leaving residues of irritating products. Also be careful not to apply scented products, as the mask prevents their evaporation. In the evening, after removing the mask, mist your face with thermal water to soothe. Cleanse the epidermis and then use a moisturizing emollient cream. Avoid exfoliation, especially on days when you have to wear a mask to avoid damaging the skin. In case of an eczema flare-up, consult your dermatologist to adjust the treatment".