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Protectiv ™ by DEMGY, the origin of a new technology

Alarmed by the growing use of disposable masks that pollute our trash cans and worse, our nature, we have developed 100% bio-based masks, made from plant material and reusable for life. No more unnecessary waste, you just need to change the filter (itself washable 10 times) every 4 hours to be protected all day long!


Discover the future with ProtectivTM

Protectiv ™ by DEMGY protects you in a sustainable way and 100% made in France, thanks to our complete offer of bio-based masks, protective visors, plexiglass screens and hands-free door openers, distributed in short circuits, directly from our factories to your home!

Our brand, owned by DEMGY, European leader in high added value technical solutions, was born out of a solidarity operation "Les Visières de l'Espoir" during the COVID-19 crisis. During this volunteer action, we equipped hospitals in Paris and Normandy with visors, designed using our 3D additive manufacturing technology.

Noting the growing need for protection following the health crisis, it seemed obvious to us to take part in the national effort by mobilizing our production tools to offer a range of personal and internal protections against the virus.

Innovation being at the heart of our business and keen to bequeath a better world to future generations, our engineers have thus developed solutions that are not only qualitative (4 patents filed) but also eco-responsible and always at a fair price!

ProtectivTM for all

Indeed, our products are durable and 100% recyclable. And we did not stop there ...

Protectiv ™ is a brand dedicated to offer eco-designed products using bio-based materials and above all, 100% recyclable. Our masks are all the more durable as the amount of filtration is minimal while extending infinitely the use of our masks, with always guanteeing protection.

Protectiv ™ is intended for professional and public use. Indeed, all personal protection equipment today must be compatible with the respect of our environment. Which is why we are challenging ourseleves to change mindsets and habits, from disposable to sustainable, especially in the professional environment. Particularly since sustainability at DEMGY means, for its customers, interesting economies of scale!

So don' wait any longer to discover our range of products and protect yourself in an eco-friendly, eco-designed and economical way!


100% made **in France**

100% made in France

Home **delivery**

Home delivery

Secure payment

Secure payment

Our products are eco-designed

Our products are eco-designed

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