A sustainable design

The era of eco-design has come. We all want products with an infinite lifecycle in order to be ever more eco-responsible. With Protectiv, we dream of creating a different world where disposable is no longer the dominant rule in order to respect the environment by using bio-based, recycled and recyclable materials. No more unnecessary waste, enter a new era with us! Eager to bequeath a better world to future generations, our engineers have developed technological solutions, with 4 registered patents, while remaining completely sustainable!

Indeed, our products are durable and 100% recyclable. And we didn't stop there ... Our 3D technology allows us to produce 100% eco-designed masks, face shield holders and hands-free door openers. Our masks, for instance, are entirely made from a bio-based material, coming from castor oil.

Dismayed by the growing waste associated with the use of personal respiratory protection, we have developed reusable masks for life! You just need to change the filter, thought to be very small and washable 10 times, after 4 hours and the protection remains optimal! Our respiratory masks are currently 160 times less polluting than a disposable mask and 16 times less than a textile mask! So together, let's change our mindsets, those of our organisations and those of our loved ones to preserve our planet of today and tomorrow.


100% made **in France**

100% made in France

Home **delivery**

Home delivery

Secure payment

Secure payment

Our products are eco-designed

Our products are eco-designed

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