High performance 3D printing

3D printing has the advantage of opening up all possible fields: just imagine anything and it will take care of creating it for you! Thanks to 3D printing, we can, for example, offer you personalised masks with your company logo or even hands-free door openers, developed specifically to the dimensions of your door handles.

3D printing is an impressive cutting edge technology. Did you know that it is possible to produce a multitude of parts, each more complex than the next, in record time? Additive 3D printing, applied to materials from castor oil in order to respect the environment, is THE revolutionary new technology using bio-based and recyclable materials.

3D printing also known as "additive manufacturing", enables the design and production of parts, in small and medium series, with high precision in record time. The printing process is similar to that of a traditional printer: the products are first created and modeled on a computer. Once the drawings are finalized, production can then start! It is therefore layers by successive layers of printing that the parts will take shape to reach their actual size. When the printing cycle is finished and the parts have cooled, an operator comes to extract them one by one from the powder tank before cleaning them in order to apply a post-production operation such as a color modification, for example, if necessary.

100% made **in France**

100% made in France

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Home delivery

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Secure payment

Our products are eco-designed

Our products are eco-designed

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