Frequently Asked Questions - Standard

Does the filtration of the Protectiv mask protect against COVID-19?

Our masks protect you and your environment from COVID-19 (UNS1 filtration) in strict compliance with barrier gestures (at a minimum: generalized mask wearing and distance).

By which organization has our filtration been certified?

Our filters are certified category 1 (Bacterial Filtration 95% for aerosols of 3 μm) by the DGA - Direction Générale de l'Armement.

The Protectiv mask protects against bacteria, but does it protect against viruses?

Our masks are designed to prevent the projection of droplets. The use of this mask is part of the strict application of measures related to containment, work organization measures as well as barrier gestures. This individual mask is intended to be offered to professionals who have to meet a large number of people during their activities (cashier hostesses, law enforcement officers). Our masks are effectively UNS1 certified and filter more than 95% of the aerosols of 3 μm.