Pack Protectiv R and its 2 Beauty Musketeer

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Are you looking for an original and fun protective mask that changes from the traditional masks that are too sober? Discover our Protectiv R mask and its 2 Beauty Musketeer: a fun fashion accessory for young and old alike! Know more

Ultra léger et durable Masque et filtres lavables Diffusion naturelle de la voix Morpho-adaptable / personnalisable Éco-responsable Recyclable Biosourcé

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Pack Protectiv R and its 2 Beauty Musketeer

  • These devices are not PPE certified.
  • For obvious hygiene and safety reasons, these items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Are you looking for an original and fun protective mask that changes from the traditional masks that are too sober? Discover our Protectiv R mask and its 2 Beauty Musketeer: a fun fashion accessory for young and old alike!

This pack includes :

  • A Protectiv R mask,
  • 100 days of filters (60 units),
  • A rose of 42 mm in diameter,
  • A flat elastic band,
  • Two Beauty Musketeers: one black & one brown.

If you only want one Beauty, we offer you a kit with our R mask and a Beauty Musketeer in the color of your choice!

Fed up with masks that are too sober?

Forget about sad and tasteless black or white masks. With these pretty Beauty Musketeer, everyday life will be much more fun! They are suitable for both small and big children who like to make people around them smile and see life on the bright side.

These Beauty Musketeers are attached to the rosette of your Protectiv R and add a touch of fun. Don't worry: they weigh almost nothing and don't obstruct your vision. They are practical and will accompany you throughout the day: to go to school, to shop, to walk in the city or in the country... You won't be able to do without them!

A soft mask for the skin & nature

This R mask and its two Beauty Musketeer are made of polyamide 11, a natural material derived from castor oil. Forget plastic masks filled with chemicals that irritate your skin! They are also fully recyclable: once their mission is accomplished, they will be reborn in another form without creating waste.

Economical protection

You think a disposable mask costs less than our Protectiv R and its Beauty? You are right if you take into account the purchase price. However, in the long run, our mask is a big winner! In 100 days, you will have used only one mask, compared to more than 200 with the disposable models. We'll let you do the math!

Our filters are reusable: after wearing them for 4 hours, a quick spin in the dishwasher is enough to eliminate bacteria and other undesirable particles. If you don't have any, a simple passage in water at over 60°C will do the trick. And there you go again for a spin!

The most important thing: comfort!

If you don't particularly like having your ears pulled, our R mask and its Beauty are made for you. They are fixed on an elastic band that goes around your head, without irritating or hurting your ears. Its width is adjustable according to the size of your head: it stays in place on your face all day long!

Protectiv R is available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. If you hesitate between several sizes, follow the guide! Once at home, don't hesitate to thermoform this mask at 60°C so that it perfectly fits the shape of your face, whatever its morphology.

To consult the instructions for use and maintenance of the mask, as well as the DGA certificate of effectiveness, click on the button below.

Technical Sheet Use and care instructions Certification Category 1

*Bacterial filtration 95% for bacterial aerosols from 1 μm and 3 μm. See report RP/20-3022/DGA MNRBC/2000305/NP.

This device is suitable for professional, non-health professional use in contact with the public but is neither a medical device as defined in EU Regulation EU/2017/745 nor personal protective equipment as defined in EU Regulation EU/2016/425 (filter masks type FFP2).

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