Jnews: Our dishwasher-safe biomasks

Jnews: Our dishwasher-safe biomasks

Our masks are still in the news!

Several months after the launch of our Protectiv masks, they are still in the news, thanks in particular to their particularity of being dishwasher-safe and therefore infinitely usable. All our masks are certified UNS1 or Category 1 by the DGA and CERTAM, which protects you from undesirable projections and in particular from the variants of COVID-19. We are therefore THE ALTERNATIVE that will protect you, the environment but also your wallet.

Opt for an optimal and eco-responsible protection.

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Source: https://jnews-france.fr/eure-des-masques-anti-covid-rechargeables-et-lavables-au-lave-vaisselle


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